About Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong is a young entrepreneur who took to internet marketing to chase seemingly impossible dreams of money, success, and fulfillment– and to his own surprise, he found them (and then some).

Now a self-made millionaire and the founder of Malaysia’s top online publishing company, ChromaBit, Desmond has made it his mission to share life-changing information with up-and-coming professionals who need guidance on growing business and leveraging the power of online marketing in today’s fast-paced economy.

Desmond Ong’s story starts out humbly: left reeling from a national financial crisis in the late 1990s, the Ong family suddenly needed to find new ways of generating income. Fifteen-year-old Desmond took it upon himself not only to look for ways to make money, but to do so through his own business. However, he first needed to work his way up. So after years of saving up cash as a busboy and waiter, Desmond took his first step toward financial independence and entered the blogging world.

The idea — to get active in niche blogging communities and earn money from AdSense advertising revenue– seemed simple enough. But Desmond would be the first to tell others that the road to success has its share of bumps and detours. He found himself hardly making enough money to cover his sites’ hosting, let alone provide him with a livable income. It was time to either let the whole idea fade away… or figure out a new strategy.

Desmond managed to sell one of his blogs for a few hundred dollars, and this was all the inspiration he needed to start investing in his future. Instead of blogging himself, he began building websites from scratch and selling them, which turned out to be extremely profitable. He began to share his story with others in community forums, encouraging them to never give up and to try to find other ways to success as he had done.

When the market inevitably crashed, Desmond was ready to bounce back: inspired by the possibility of teaching others and by the growing prominence of information marketing, he decided to create informational materials of his own.

Desmond Ong worked on creating informational products (such as ebooks, audio, and software) across numerous niches, such as internet marketing, forex trading, dog training, health & fitness, relationships, seduction, and more. Thanks to the ever-changing nature of the business and his frequent collaboration with industry experts, Desmond was able to learn more than ever before. However, he hadn’t quite nailed down his business strategy yet: how could he best leverage his own knowledge and those of his counterparts? And how could he turn his audience into long term customers, instead of one-time consumers of industry-specific knowledge?

Desmond ultimately built his business model on helping people become experts in online marketing, so that they could either totally transform their careers or simply supplement the income they receive from their day jobs. His internet lifestyle company, Info Domination, evolved into ChromaBit and found a permanent home in Malaysia. Desmond devoted himself to traveling, sharing his insights with others, and growing his company.

In 2014 Desmond penned a book, Against All Odds: Secrets Of Starting At 15, Achieving Million Dollars Sales & Financial Freedom Before 21. It is about how he first started his business at the age of 15 and from there created a marketing empire. Before he turned 21 he had already generated a million dollars in sales, a feat that most don’t achieve until much later on. A year later he made a commitment to help his customers become six-figure earners and even millionaires through his internet marketing and make-money-online programs. Desmond continues to work tirelessly toward this commitment and also collaborates with bestselling authors and international speakers to spread internet marketing knowledge with audiences.

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